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7 Reasons Why Geeky Boyfriends Are The Best

They're naturally awkward, and that makes you laugh.

1. All they want to do is spend time with you.
Forget about going out, geeky guys just want to stay in and be in your company…while playing Dungeons and Dragons, of course.

2. They’re very passionate human beings.
See how much he loves Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Pokemon? Well, you can be the object of his die-hard affection, too!

3. They’re naturally funny.
Geeks can be somewhat awkward, so they usually turn to humor as a coping mechanism. You’ll always have a hearty laugh around these guys for sure.

4. You can always count on them to be amazing at carrying a conversation.
His vast knowledge of pop culture can keep anyone entertained.

5. You don’t have to compete with basketball games, soccer matches, and boxing fights for his attention.
Ah, but you do have to compete with his video game console.

6. They’ve got a healthy curiosity for things.
Seeking out the unknown and then dissecting, analyzing, and making conclusions with their findings is what they do best. Imagine the possibilities in the sack!


7. He’s got tons of cosplay outfits he can use for you in the bedroom.
Well, that’s if his Yoda costume turns you on. Sleep with this one, you must!

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