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7 Reasons Why You Can't Be Friends With Your Ex

At least, not so soon.

Breakups, no matter how clean, always leave a trail of negative feelings in their wake. You can try to be friends with your ex, but it's a long and arduous process, and one that might not be worth the trouble. We're not saying that you can't EVER have a friendship with an old flame, just that there are many reasons why it might not work. See said reasons below:

The breakup is still fresh.


He's still in love with you.

Of course he's going to say that he's okay with being friends—he loves you! Somewhere down the line, however, he'll call you out on it and it'll be like breaking up with him all over again. 


You still love him.

Don't punish yourself by agreeing to be his friend and don't convince yourself that you can handle it. Huwag kang martyr. The sooner you distance yourself, the sooner you can move on. 

You broke up for a reason.

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Someone will always bring up those painful memories. Conflict is basically inevitable. 

One of you cheated. 

This deserves to be singled out because #betrayal.

You need to learn to be your own person.

If you were together for many years, having your ex around might make make it more difficult for you to make a fresh start. Stop  hanging out with him, his friends, or his family and spend more time with new people. 

You were never friends in the first place.

Friends-turned-boyfriends-turned-ex-lovers may have a better chance of being friends again, but it's just not the same when you and your ex have nothing to fall back on. After all, you can fall in love with someone with an awful human being—love is blind—but friendship is another matter altogether. 

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