7 Relationship New Year's Resolutions

Travel more as a couple.

With the advent of the New Year taking shape, people are set to start executing their personal resolutions for 2015.  Some will try to quit smoking cold turkey. Others will shun the burgers and fries for a healthier diet. Most will strive to work harder in pursuit of their dream careers.

Couples, on the other hand, should focus on relationship resolutions that will strengthen the bond of their union and keep the fireworks sparkling post-holidays. Although the faculties that form a successful relationship vary from one couple to the next, here’s a handy guide of resolutions you and your partner can take your cue from. 

1. Travel more as a couple.
There’s nothing better than taking a relaxing vacation to heal the dramas of the past. Leave your daily lives behind and succumb to the therapeutic sensation a vacay can bring. Together, you can sizzle under the midday sun on the beaches of Maldives. Get lost in the city streets of Taipei or Hong Kong. Explore the cultural richness that exotic countries like Cambodia or Sri Lanka have to offer. Take a leave from work, pack your luggage, and be wowed at the amount of excess baggage that will be taken off your heavy load once you up and ditch the city. Once your mind and bodies are at ease, the romance will flow freely.

2. Be kinder to each other when fighting.
Often during arguments, we forget to stop and take a look at the bigger picture. This can lead to intense, mean, and hurtful comments or actions that can permanently damage the relationship. A petty argument is just that: a petty argument. Don’t allow it to overcome you with rage. Always remember to stay calm then zoom out when fighting with your loved one. This will allow you guys to eventually take the path of kindness.

3. Forgive easily.
Being able to forgive your partner’s misgivings is not a sign of weakness. It’s the mark of earnestness and maturity. Forcing your lover to marinate in his guilt might give you a false and temporary sense of triumph, but you’re only doing more damage than necessary. If what he did was forgivable and he apologizes for it, don’t give him a difficult time. In the end, he’ll cordially accord you the same treatment when you are the one who messes up.

4. Make communication a top priority.
Voicing out your thoughts, opinions, and feelings are part of what make a relationship stable. If you’ve got positive messages to express to your guy, go for it! If there are heinous thoughts plaguing your insides, share them with him. Imagine caging your emotions into a pent up ball of cancerous rage. When you finally unleash it, it will only be a wrath uneasy to contain. Better to release them in small doses than give rein to a tsunami of inexplicable anger.

5. Instill the value of patience.
If your guy waits around for you when you’re shopping, don’t get irritated when he takes his time at the carwash. If he gives you two hours to put on your face and dress up before a party, don’t snap when he loiters in the comic book section of the bookstore. There are many levels of patience, but training yourselves in the most basic form of it will only do wonders for when you really, really need it. 

6. Always assume that your partner wants the best.
Being paranoid of your partner’s intentions is a surefire way to mangle the momentum. If you think the best of your lover, you won’t assume that anything he does that hurts you, offends you, or even just rubs you the wrong way was done with ill intention. Learn to believe that, just like you, your guy is human, will make mistakes, and can sometimes be a moron. This will save you the time and energy of going into a fight that could’ve easily been avoided.

7. Explore each other’s sensual desires.
Resolutions need not only be of the conservative kind. Sexual goals can be a spicy way to rev up the relationship’s romance. If both of you are game, make a list of the things you want to experiment on in the sack, and after, counter-check. Granted there’s nothing offensive in either of your naughty need, as the year progresses, slowly tick off the deeds that were a success. Now that’s how you guarantee a happy new year!

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