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7 Secret Fears Of Girls During Courtship

"Am I a rebound girl?"

Guys, listen up. You're not the only ones who are scared when it comes to courtship. Here, seven not-so-secret fears of ladies when it comes to you making ligaw. 

1. Fear of being the rebound.

"When did you and your ex break up?" "How long were you together?" "Are you sure you want me?"

If you've encountered questions like these, clearly, the girl you're currently courting is scared that she's just being used as a way for you to forget your past.

2. Fear of not being liked by your family and friends.

So your previous girlfriend hung around with you for more than half a decade. Your family believed she was the girl you were going to marry—and your friends loved her. Now that you've parted ways, it's not going to be easy for them to see you with another girl. The new girl you're courting is secretly aware of that.

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3. Fear of a sudden change of heart.

That one day you might wake up and realize that you still love your ex or she isn't the type of girl you really want to date—just when she was really starting to fall for you.

4. Fear of being wanted for sex and sex only.

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Technically, you are just like any other stranger that stepped into her life. The only difference is you're claiming to be in love with her. Who knows you might just want to score?

5. Fear of being cheated on, even if you're not officially together yet.

She's not sure that you're dating her exclusively. She doesn't trust you enough yet when you tell her that she's the only one in your heart. Earn it.

6. Fear of inconsistency.

She's scared that the time and attention you give her will change once you become a couple. Some women believe that the moment guys get what they want, they stop exerting effort. Hence, these girls will try to extend that period of courtship for as long as they could.

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7. Fear that you're not the one.

She might have developed real feelings for you but there's this nagging thought in the back of her mind that "maybe he still isn't the one" so "I'd rather wait for Mr. Right." If you've done all you can to whip up a fairy tale for her, and she still isn't budging, then maybe she's the one who has a problem, and maybe she isn't "the one" for you.

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