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7 Sexual Acts Guys Want To Do But Are Too Afraid To Ask

Here, intimate acts guys secretly want to do with you or for you, but are just too chicken-shit to bring up.

The best thing about the spectrum of the sexual universe is that there are just so many possibilities available to those willing to partake. The downside: a lot of us are too afraid to explore those facets of our sexual-selves. Why? Because of rejection, fear, or flat-out grossness. 

Anal sex

There’s just something very primitive about sticking it in where it’s not supposed to be, and that’s probably the reason why it feels so taboo for your heterosexual romance. Although he’ll never use the backdoor without your permission, he’s most likely thought about it.

A rim job

Whether it’s giving or receiving one, the idea of a tongue and mouth anywhere near that area just seems gross. But don’t write it out. You know what they say: Don’t knock it 'til you try it!   

Playing out an S&M fantasy

In the wake of the softcore porn tragedy that was Fifty Shades of Grey, S&M has gotten a bad rep for being a clichéd form of sexual deviance. Lo and behold, unlike the stiff Mr. Grey, some men actually want to be on the receiving end of a spanking!

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Asking you to swallow

For him, consuming the entirety of his being is, for some crazy reason, super sexy. But there’s actually no rational behind not spitting out his gunk because: a) despite what anyone tells you, it isn’t protein-rich; b) it smells like cheap bleach; and c) it must taste even worse.


Unless you were raised in Europe, an ultra-liberal, or the world’s most awesome girlfriend, he’s never going to even invite the notion of a ménage à trois into your sexual conversation.

Mutual masturbation

It just seems funny that you’d let him put his penis in your mouth, but you won’t let him watch you masturbate. Or have him masturbate in front of you. Okay, so rubbing one out is a very personal and private affair between organ and owner, but a simultaneous solo-flight could work wonders. Think of it as a collab. 

Making a sex video

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There are two things that are preventing you two from whipping out your smartphones and making a DIY porn vid: they’re called Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian