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7 Signs He’s Losing Interest In You

Could this be the end?

Is your partner being a bit distant lately? When your beau shows signs of aloofness or is suddenly clamming up, it could be because he’s going through a rough time, or it could also be a sign that he's not invested in your relationship any more. Here are red flags you should look out for:

1. He never makes you feel appreciated. 
Before, he would shower you with compliments and gratitude every chance he got, but now, you won’t even hear a simple “thank you” when you do something nice for him.

According to M. Gary Neuman, a family counsellor and author of the book Connect to Love: The Keys to Transforming Your Relationshipbeing appreciated is important in a relationship since appreciation determines how you value the other person. He also highlights that showing appreciation is “a simple gesture that says what you do or have done is good and I'm thankful that you are doing it.”

2. He cuts off any kind of communication. 
Have you ever heard of ghostingwhen a man doesn’t call you back or reply to your messages all of a sudden? If your partner is beginning to lessen the daily communication between you two, then you should rethink if you guys are really, really okay. This could give you the chance to talk about anything that's bothering him.

3. He starts picking fights with you. 
Arguing is normal in any healthy relationshipbut if your man is starting a fight with you for no logical reason, then he may be creating drama and finding an excuse to break it off. It’s a passive-aggressive way to dump someone, and it will emotionally and psychologically drain you if it you two fight on a daily basis.

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4. He threatens to leave you. 
Joking about it playfully is one thing, but actually meaning it is another. If he brings it up whenever you two are discussing, then it’s probably because he’s considering that option. When your partner focuses on threatening you with leaving instead of fixing the problem, then he may not be fully invested in your relationship.

5. He's being secretive.
Even though you’re in a relationship, you still have the right to some privacy. But if your partner is being too secretive then he may be hiding something or is cheating on you with another woman. An article from The Huffington Post states that hiding things and having a sudden change in behavior could be a sign that’s he’s not loyal.

6. You’re no longer intimate.
You’ve somehow lost the spark when it comes to intimate touches—lingering hugs and kisses have turned into awkward pats and short high-fives.  When this happens, it’s a red flag that something is wrong. Try to rekindle the flame by going on dates and getting intimate, whether it’s in public or in bed.

7. You’re no longer his priority.
Would he rather choose a game night with his friends than with you? If cancelling or rejecting any plans with you has been a habit of his, it could be because he’s avoiding you. While it’s important for couples to have some alone time, it’s also essential to spend time with your significant other if you want to strengthen your relationship.

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