7 Signs You're Moving On

You're not faking it anymore.

1. You look forward to waking up every morning.
The heavy load that used to bear down on your chest is finally gone. You wake up feeling positive and excited for the days to come. You’ve stopped looking back because you realized that the only way to go is forward.

2. You stopped checking your ex's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts.
You don’t care about what he’s up to anymore. If you happen to come across a photo of him, you just shrug it off. Next step: unfollow, mute, or block. #ByeFelicia

3. You’re singing in the shower again.
There’s nothing quite like starting the day with a solo concert in your bathroom. Who cares if you can’t sing—everyone sounds good (or fine, tolerable) in the shower!

4. You’re perfectly fine being alone.
You’ve learned to enjoy your own company. You don’t feel the need to party and drink every night to numb the pain, because the pain is no longer there. In fact, you actually look forward to having some alone time.

5. You’ve forgiven him, even if he never apologized.
Forgiveness is a part of moving on. It’s not easy to forgive someone who has caused you a ridiculous amount of pain, but it’s something you need to do for yourself in order to move on.  

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6. You’re not faking your smile anymore.
You are genuinely happy and satisfied with your current state. You’ve grieved, healed, let go, and moved on. You’ve learned to trust the timing of your life.

7. You don’t feel sad or nauseous when you think about him or someone mentions his name.
Remember when everything was a trigger and you would immediately feel sick to your stomach? Well, that doesn’t happen anymore. You’ve finally accepted that he is no longer part of your life and that you’re happier without him. Good riddance! 

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