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7 Summer Activities To Make Your Relationship Strong AF

Spend a whole day having lazy sex.

Go on a trip with family

Whether it’s your family or his, carving out a spot on your busy schedule to bond with relatives is one of the easiest ways to fall in love with your partner all over again. If you’re in the company of his kin, learning about him through the eyes of his siblings, cousins, and crazy uncles will remind you why you adore him so much in the first place. If he's on your side of the fence, he can learn to interact with personalities that will be a staple in his future should you two be in it for the long haul. Just make sure the fambam scrimps on the embarrassing tales of how awkward you were in braces and pigtails and acne.

Invest some time in a barkada outing

The extended family, meaning the friends you and your boyfriend choose to hang around with, are an integral part of cementing the foundation of your relationship. They’re the people who’ll encourage you to strive for building a better rapport as GF and BF. So make it a point to have at least one summer vacay with the gang. Lord knows you two spend enough time alone.

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Take up cooking lessons

Test your culinary efficiency by enrolling in cooking classes. Not only will you sate your hunger for awesome edibles, but also, you’ll oil your ability to work together as a team when it comes to attaining a specific goal. Anyways, if you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen, you can always…

Enjoy an unapologetic food trip

Visit the hipster-approved establishments of Kapitolyo in Pasig like Locavore, Kanto, and Gostoso. Or if you’re craving for some Asian delights, head to Binondo to stuff yourselves silly with dumplings and noodles. Craving for cheap street food made tasty? Head to the Burgos area in Makati for beers and snacks at El Chupacabra or Tambai. Remember, the couple that eats together, stays (and gets chubbier) together.

Be culture vultures

If your brains (and souls) are in need of some stroking, you and the boyfriend can always check out some entertainment of more cultural value. Get high on science and geek it out at the Mind Museum in the Fort for some romantic chemistry. You can pay less attention to those mindless summer blockbusters by checking out a play or two instead. Head to an art gallery like Pinto in Antipolo to jog your creativity. Alternative dates that spark conversation are essential in maintaining an intellectual connection.

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Sweat it out

Exercising with a partner can increase motivation, decrease lackadaisicalness, and promote a healthy lifestyle between lovers. So get all twisted at your local yoga studio. Or pump iron together at the nearest gym. Even an intense run around your village can be gratifying–holding hands while doing so, however, is mandatory.

Spend a whole day having lazy sex

You know, the kind where both of you refuse to get out of bed, order some food to be delivered, and in between all the sleeping and watching episodes of your latest TV obsession just have passionate sex as if there was no outside world? YEP.

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