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7 Things We Miss About Dating In The '90s

Dating seemed less complicated back then.

1. We got to write and receive love letters. Few things were better than receiving a letter from the boyfriend at the end of a long day at school. Who here kept their love letters all these years?

2. Picking up the landline. At times, you had to stretch the cord to get away from your evil siblings who love to tease you.

3. There was an actual getting-to-know-you stage. Personally. Not through an in-depth analysis of his Facebook profile or timeline.

4. The guy had to ask for your parents' consent. Part of wooing you involved wooing your parents too. It was difficult for both of you, but nothing made you happier and more relieved than your parents' approval.

5. Songs were dedicated to you on the radio. Remember when a guy said sorry to you by requesting a song on air? That sweet and sort of public apology never failed to soften your heart.

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6. Real face-to-face breakups. So much better than breakup texts or Facebook messages. The guy was right in front of you, so there was a chance to talk, to ask what went wrong, and maybe fix the relationship.

7. No Facebook drama. Fights weren't posted there for everyone to know. You couldn't freak out about him liking another girl's photo since you didn't know about it, and most of all, you didn't have to worry about being unfriended or blocked when things got really bad.

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