The 7 Types Of Ex-Girlfriends

Which one are you?

The Transformer
A few months after breaking up, she has magically transformed and has become more beautiful compared to when you two dated. She now knows how to carry herself well and you can’t get her off your mind.

The One You Can’t Even Remember
Her face is familiar, but you can’t even recall her name. She smiles at you from time to time and you wave back, still clueless and confused as to who she really is. “Was her name Sarah? Jessica? Paula?” 

The One You Can’t Forget 
You know everything about her–from her pet peeves, food allergies, and everything in between. You remember every detail from your past relationship, which also makes it harder for you to move on.

The Random Texter
Every now and then you’ll get a text message from her asking how you are. Sometimes, she even invites you to hang out—and you have no idea how to say no, so you go anyway. 

The Crazy One
She’s bitter and (somehow) still in love with you. She texts you 24/7 and even calls you sometimes in the wee hours of the morning.  You get notifications from Instagram saying she has liked a photo from 52 weeks ago. #Creepy 

The Former Best Friend 
She is probably the hardest one to deal with when it comes to relationships. She was your best friend first, then you two fell in love, and things didn’t work out—still you two meet and talk. 

The One That Got Away

She’s the one you could never forget, the one whom you wished you did things differently with. She’s the woman who has made a great impact on your life and is probably the best thing that ever happened to you. 

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