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7 Useful Love Hacks Everyone Needs To Use In Their Relationship

Once you two appreciate what it means to be apart, the time you spend together will feel sweeter than ever.

1. The early shower

If you’re the type of girl who takes her time getting ready for a night out (which is most women anyway!), ask your man to always shower after you. That way, you’ll have ample time to bathe, choose an appropriate outfit, and get your brows on fleek while he does his business. This way, you’ll avoid an argument over impatience (and you’ll be OOTD ready!). #relationshipgoals

2. Be a yes person (even when you mean no).

At least this applies to the little things. He wants to stay in and play video games instead of going window-shopping, just say YES (even when you mean no). He wants to watch that new spy movie that everyone’s talking about, just say YES (even when you mean no). That way, when it’s your turn, he’ll have no excuse not to oblige your requests.

3. Hoard gifts.

To avoid the dread of forgetting to buy a gift, purchase in bulk! Trust us, he’ll never know the difference. Just make sure you stash them somewhere safe!

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4. If you can laugh about it, then LOL away.

Sometimes fights start because of the little things. He forgot that you wanted coffee when he went to the café: time to get all passive-aggressive. He didn’t make the bed when you asked him to: scream-wars! If it’s something that deserves a hearty laugh instead of the pains of hurtful slurs, try to go the comedy route. It’ll save precious energy you’ll need for more serious discussions.

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5. Remember: It's better to be happy than right.

Weigh it out. Do either of you really need to be on the winning end of a couple debate? If being right becomes more important than being happy together, maybe the relationship isn’t as healthy you think it is.

6. Always set a date night.

Pick a day of the week or specific date in the month where both of you just dedicate your time to each other. Converse. Shut out the rest of the world. Bring back that we’ve-only-just-met-and-are-still-getting-to-know-each-other feeling. It will do wonders.

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7. Have your own thing.

Let him have his nights with the boys so that you can have your time with the girls. Take up a hobby or devote idle time for yourself. Once you two have appreciated what it means to be apart, the time you spend together will feel sweeter than ever. 


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