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7 Ways To Impress His Family During The Holidays

Note to self: Be good with the kids.

1. Don those yuletide digs
Dressing the part of the impressive girlfriend starts with looking holiday-appropriate. Put on a party-ready dress, some flashy heels, and a winning smile. Go for clothes that are classy over sexier numbers. An ensemble befitting of your character is one way of expressing your personality. Remember not to try too hard. You want to look fashionably presentable, not like an overdone Christmas tree.  

2. Wine and dine
The Christmas season is also a time of celebration and revelry. Aunts will ask you and the boyfie over for lunches or dinners, cousins will be inviting for post-get together drinking sessions. Always be open to family hospitality in these times of overindulgence. Just don’t get too full or wasted that you puke your guts out in front of his weird uncle. That’ll make for an awkward New Year’s Eve.

3. Take a sincere interest
In what? In the stories they tell, their anecdotes of yore, and how your beau’s wee baby penis was so cute when all the cousins used to take communal baths in their birthday suits. Cringing, as in any occasion, is strictly optional.

4. Come bearing gifts
When you’re invited over for a meal with the clan, make sure you have something in hand that you can bring to the table. Avoid the look-I-can-afford-stuff-that-costs-a-shitload-of-money kind of offering, but stick to something that’s thoughtful and unassuming. Dessert, a bottle of wine, or a fresh batch of coffee beans to brew is always safe choices. You want to be the sweet girl who receives a second invite, not the one chismosa titas whisper about behind her back.

5. Participate in family traditions
Each family has their own set of celebratory traditions. Some play party games, while others pray solemnly in church before noche buena. No matter what the fambam is into, don’t be a killjoy and just go with it.  

6. Be cute with the kids
During family Christmas parties, young nephews and nieces are bound to be running amok while their parents try to forget the holes they’ve burned in their pockets pretending to be Santa Claus. If you aren’t afraid of rowdy boys and toddlers in tiaras ripping you to shreds, hone your mommy-gene by mingling with the little ones. It will take some stress away from the ’rents, while simultaneously showing your BF what an awesome mom (or tita) you’d be. 

7. Go for the grandma
If things take a turn for shitsville with the youngins’ and all else fails, try to appease old granny. Pull her off her rocking chair and accompany her to mass or for some last minute shopping. The matriarchal figure is the key to being accepted into the inner-circle of trust. Once you lock lola down, not even your future mother-in-law stands a chance!

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