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7 Ways You Unknowingly Destroy Your Relationship

Ma-pride ka, and you don't say sorry right away.

1. You instill guilt when you don’t get what you want. Okay, so you weren’t able to go have dinner in that restaurant you were dying to try out because your man already had other plans in place. No need to sulk and act as if it’s the end of the world! Sucking out the joy from the other bonds and connections he has in his life other than you will only breed contempt.

2. Fake breakups come all too easy. You scream, “BREAK NA TAYO!” in the middle of a heated argument and storm out. Then after fifteen minutes, you regret what you said and beg to get back together again. Sure, all is fine and dandy when you mend the harm done, but one day, trust, there might not be a lover to crawl back to.

3. For you, apologizing is JUST. SO. HARD. It’s okay to be sorry. People make mistakes and healing can start once fault is admitted. Doesn’t it make you feel like crap when he apologizes even if you’re the one who fucked up? In the end, swallowing your pride wont kill you, you know?

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4. You metaphorically castrate your partner in public. Embarrassing a person in front of peers will only solidify notions that you aren’t made for each other. If one of you is already having doubts about the relationship, the one being ridiculed will only find solace in the fact that, once you’re no longer together, he/she doesn’t have to go through that sort of hell again.

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5. You, Cosmo Girl, have to always be right! Even when you’re clearly wrong.

6. You flirt around just to rile him up. Some might say that flirting is harmless, but keep in mind that it could be the gateway to other more intimate forms of contact.

7. Everything is always about you. It’s your problems, your issues, and your concerns that take center stage 24/7. That “me, me, me” attitude and lack of selflessness is going to render you single and lonely in no time.

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