8 Dating Problems This Generation Will Never Experience

Dating was a little complicated before this generation.

If you thought that living in the past was hard, think again. There were a lot of complications when it came to things, especially with communication, because certain gadgets didn't exist yet. To give you an idea, we did a bit of research and rounded up nine dating struggles you probably won't experience these days. Let's all be thankful these things rarely happen during our time. #BLESSED

1. Calling someone and hoping their parents don't answer. 

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2. Or prank-calling your crush so you can hear his voice.

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3. Going through the address book (which was as thick as the encyclopedia) to look for his number...

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4. Only to find out that you called the wrong house.

5. Moving on from an ex and not having the means to keep up with his life because there's no Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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6. Passing notes in class just to talk to your boyfriend who's five rows away from you. 

7. Receiving cards and letters anonymously, and trying your best to find the person who sent them to you.

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8. Ironing out your dating plans before you actually meet up somewhere.

This story originally appeared on Candymag.com.

* Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.


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