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8 Signs He's Amazing In Bed

He's flexible! #AlamNa

1. He's a fun-loving person.

A guy who loves to have fun relishes the pleasures life has to offer and makes sure he gets them as much as he can. He doesn't have to be wild to be considered a fun-loving guy. If he makes the most out of being with you, if he indulges in delicious food, enjoys everything that surrounds him, he counts as a fun-loving guy, hence probably good in bed. You can count on him that sexy time will be great.

2. He doesn't dress too well, and he's not a slob either.

A guy who gives the right amount of fucks about how he looks is what you'll want. If he fusses too much about how he looks, not only will you think he's self-absorbed to care about your needs or how you feel during sex. You'll also think he can't bother to mess things up in bed because his hair will get ruined or you'll see a bad angle of his face. Doesn't sound like fun, right? On the other hand if he's a slob (too much of a slob that sex won't excite him), he might just be too lazy to get on his feet. Moderation is key!

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3. He's flexible.

Think of all the things you guys can do! Assuming you're flexible too. LOL.

4. He's open-minded and likes to try new things.

He's bound to spice things up, so it's not going to be the same hammering thing every time you have sex. Because he likes trying new things, he'll probably be okay trying amazing sex positions with you, which could be your go-to moves in the future.

5. He has good endurance.

Wouldn't it suck if you're about to climax and he gets tired and changes his pace or position and you LOSE IT COMPLETELY? Yes, yes it would. End of story.

6. He's good at reading people.

A guy with high emotional intelligence knows how to read people from their facial expressions and body language. His being observant will help him know what it is that turns you on. He'll know the spots on your body that'll give you the most pleasure when touched or kissed, and so much more. Likewise, he'll know when you're not digging something and will switch things up right away.

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7. He enjoys making you feel beautiful or sexy.

It's one thing to know what he should and shouldn't be doing based on the signs you're giving him, and it's another to actually care and like to make you feel beautiful. Face it, a guy can know you're getting hurt and still keep on going. A guy who's got #6 and #7 down pat makes for a good sex partner.

8. He's confident.

A guy who's confident is comfortable with himself, isn't self-conscious, and doesn't take himself way too seriously. What makes him great is that he doesn't behave like he has to prove anything to you (or to the world), so doing things with him feels natural (and oh-so-right) instead of contrived. He wouldn't mind letting you take control because he's not a guy who always has to be on top and calling the shots. Point is, when you guys are having sex, he's not thinking about himself or worrying about his ego.

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