8 Solid Reasons To Call The Relationship Quits

Is he just using you?

1. He's using you because of your money.
If your boyfriend is an unmotivated, semi-useless bum who asks you to always pay for dates, then he’s most probably a spineless leech. Forget about receiving a gift for your anniversary and getting surprised by romantic trips abroad, because he’s only in an intimate relationship with your wallet. Sure, these are modern times where women can pay, buy, and spoil their boyfriends with their hard-earned cash, but chivalry should never be replaced with cheapness.

2. Your life goals don't match.
He wants kids; you don’t. You want to live abroad; he doesn’t. He wants you to be a stay-at-home mom come the nuptials; you insist on pursuing a fruitful professional career. Relationships are about compromise, but when compromises start compromising your sense of self, best to look for another partner who compliments not only your needs, but also your wants.

3. He hurts you…physically.
No matter how heated the LQ gets, once he lays a hand on you, you should be out the door. Say adios to that abusive mofo!

4. The sex isn't stellar.
Your lovemaking has dwindled into routine romps that neither excites nor titillates. If neither of you want to work on your intimacy issues and you two are doing the deed just to get it over with, it might be time to kick him out of the bed.

5. There is cheating going on.
Once a cheater, always a cheater. Forgiving a person for breaking your trust on this level will only heed either of these two results: 1) the one cheated on will forever hold the act above the cheating party, thus breeding a an impervious sense of contempt; or 2) the cheater will say sorry, and once forgiven, will prey on his/her partner’s naiveté by simply cheating again.

6. He hates your family.
Or you loathe his. Either way, if the situation can’t be remedied, good luck living a life of bitching and moaning about the in-laws.

7. He's gay.
His preference for penis should be an instant deal-breaker. Unless you’re into that sort of thing?

8. One of you is in love with someone else.
If your hearts don’t belong to each other then there’s no reason to put up with all his other quirks you hated in the first place.

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