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8 Things That Make Dating Super Annoying

OMG my phone vibrated! Fuck, it's just mom.

1. You NEVER know what to wear.

You want to impress him, but you don't want to appear like you tried too hard. So you spend about two hours in front of your closet, wondering if you should sex it up in a pencil skirt and crop top—or keep it low-key in a jeans. Or denim shorts. Or a frilly dress. #decisions

2. Logistics are complicated.

Does he pick you up from the office? Does he take you home? Should you just bring a car? Or should you just take a cab going home? If he offers to take you home, should you say yes or politely decline—and then be pakipot and wait for him to ask for the 17th time?

3. You think the date went really, really well.

Until you realize it's been a week since he last texted you, "Heeeeeeey."

4. Texting (or lack thereof) drives you INSANE.

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Your phone vibrates, and you get excited thinking it's a message from him. But it's NEVER him. 

5. Your friends don't know any of the guys you date.

Because you obviously can't bring any of them to barkada dinners yet. And if you do tell 'em about your dating escapades, you use code names for them, because your friends don't keep track. It's never Carlos or Mark. It's always, "That lawyer," "That guy at the office," "That jerk who never asked me out again."

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6. Two words: Awkward silence.

You've officially run out of things to talk about. You are now playing with your food with a fork, and checking your Instagram feed. You have now liked your friend's cat photo.

7. You overanalyze every single detail that happened during the date.

 Your best friend is a polite human being for answering your DUMBEST questions:

- "Do you think he'll ask me out again? But he said I looked soo good."

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- "Remember that leather skirt I bought from Forever21? Yeah, was that too slutty for a first date?"

- "Shit, he hasn't texted me to tell me he had 'a nice time.' Text ko ba?"

Walang smiley face yung text niya!"

8. Waiting for a date that won't happen.