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Things To Know If You Want To Try Anal Sex

From health risks to sex tips!

1. It doesn't have to hurt. Use a lot of water-based lube (and a condom) to lessen friction and pain.

2. But it can feel weird the first time. Especially if you keep thinking about your guy's penis being in the hole where your shit passes. Yeah, we probably ruined the moment for you. Anyway, just relax.

3. You can adjust over time to like it. Some girls like it and some girls don't. Some are just cool with it. It's okay if you don't come to like it, though, because that happens too. You never ever have to force yourself into it.

4. You might like it a lot on the first time too. Your anus can respond well to sexual stimulation. And for your partner, he might like its tightness, too.

5. Whatever goes in, be it penis, finger, or sex toy, should just be pretty much the tip. The nerve endings that cause arousal and stimulation are just in the anus, not all the way in the anal canal. If he goes that far in, you can feel like taking a dump, but it doesn't mean you will. What's more is that penetration can tear the tissue inside the anus, which will allow bacteria to enter your bloodstream hence your getting an STI like HIV (the tissue inside the anus doesn't have natural protection). From that tear you could also be exposed to getting HPV, which can lead to anal warts or anal cancer. This goes back to our tip in #1. Use LOTS of lube and a condom.

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6. Your anus is full of bacteria. Which makes the issue in #5 possiblethat bacteria can cause sexually-transmitted infections or diseases, and lead to vaginal and urinary tract infections. (But it's not as dirty as you might think, especially when you've just washed yourself over there.) That's also why you're not supposed to use the same condom for vaginal sex after you just did anal, or worse, not even wear a condom for both.

7. Frequent anal sex can make it difficult for you to hold feces in. It can weaken the anal sphincter (the muscle that controls the closing of the anus), but Kegel exercises can solve that issue.

8. Anal sex feels best when your other body parts are stimulated too. Whether or not you really enjoy it, having your guy play with your clit or your nipples is bound to make the entire experience more pleasurable. Especially since those areas can make you come!

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