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8 Things You Should Know Before Dating Your Best Friend

BFFs? Suuuuuuure.

1. You might lose the friendship. If things don’t work out, you guys just can’t go back to the way you were—at least not ASAP. It’s the case for any breakup. You guys would be too hurt to deal with each other.

2. You need to find another best friend. You’re going to need someone else to gush to and be all kilig when your guy does something really sweet for you. And you’re going to need to rant to someone about your guy if he annoys or hurts you. We believe in being open with your guy, but there has to be someone else you can talk to!

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3. You won’t have the nakakakilig getting-to-know-you stage. You guys had all your young lives to get to know each other, so your first dates won’t have the very intimate storytelling about your childhood and family. #Bummer

4. You’ll sometimes feel like you’re in an incestuous relationship. Remember when your friends tried shipping you with him? Didn’t you once say he was just like a brother to you? LOOOOOL.

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5. You might box each other as a certain type of person. It’s the danger of feeling like you ABSOLUTELY know someone. You think you can always read his mind, and he thinks he can predict your choices and behavior. Sometimes it’s sweet. Other times, it’s limiting and insulting, especially when both of you know the other“bad” side.

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6. You might freak out about his dating history out of nowhere. You’ll suddenly remember those wild girls from Tinder he hooked up with before dating you. His ex Ashley he lost his virginity to and all the details of that fateful night. IS THERE A WAY TO UNKNOW THEM ALL?!

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7. He might think dressing up is pointless. You both grew up hanging out and playing in your pambahay clothes. He’s seen you barefaced and with messy hair, and he loves you for the way you look. So when he sees you dolling up out of the blue, he’ll be like “Oh, bakit ka nagpapaganda?" He doesn’t get that you want makeup.

8. The expectations are off the roof. You’ll get disappointed much more when he fails you. He was by your side when your exes saw other girls behind your back. He was there for you to cry to when Nick pushed you away. He knows your insecurities. He knows you’re tired of being compared to your hot sister. He should know what hurts you and avoid it, right? Wrong? *tear*

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