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8 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl Who's Dating Again After A Breakup

Is he your rebound? Oh, shut up.

1. Isn't there a "mourning" period you should be in right now that should last six months? I think I've cried enough, thankyouverymuch. And can you even explain why it's six months? Some people move on faster than others, you know.

2. Is the new guy your rebound? We're just getting to know each other. I'm not playing with his feelings, and he knows that. I actually like him, too, BTW.

3. You're just scared to be alone, noh?! Just because I was in a relationship before and dating someone new now, doesn't mean I don't know how to be alone. I have my own life going for me, too.

4. Did you really love that ex? OF COURSE I LOVED HIM. HE BROKE MY HEART. But the world didn't end. Life goes on. I go on.

5. I'd be careful with my feelings, if I were you. Thanks for letting me know what you'd do in my situation. But I know that not every guy out there is out to hurt me.

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6. Being single is great! Don't you miss it? Is that what you tell yourself at night? LOL jk. I know being single is great. But dating is great, too.

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7. Why are you in such a rush to commit? I'm not rushing! We just go out on dates and hang out! What's wrong with that?!

8. Do you think this new guy's the one? Who's in a rush now? HA.

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