8 Types Of Men To Avoid

Like the guy who's always broke!

The Alcoholic
Let’s say alcoholic drinks could pass as water for him. Whether it’s wine at a dinner celebration or beer during a barkada get-together, you’ll always see him holding a bottle and you don’t even remember a time he was sober enough to talk to. 

The Mama’s Boy
Before you two can go out, he needs to seek his mom’s approval first. Although a guy who’s close to his family isnt a bad thing, he might not be able to handle the prodding from his mother and family once you two decide to go steady. 

The Bad Boy 

There’s just something about bad boys you can’t say no tothey’re hot and are just so damn attractive. But be careful when you choose to date a bad boy. He may seem charming at first, but it’s rare to find one who’s willing to commit to a serious relationship.  

The Guy Whos Always Broke
Every woman desires a man who’s financially stable. Dating a guy who is struggling with his finances can lead to major fights in the future. If you’re looking for a long-term relationship, don’t go for a man who lives from paycheck to paycheck.  

The Party Animal
You probably met him at a bar busy buying drinks for everyone. Although he might seem like a lot of fun, you can't really tell if he’ll be serious with you enough to drop his partying habits (or just party with you instead). 

The Control Freak

Whether it’s about how you dress, walk, or communicate with other people, this guy always has something to sayand it’s usually not a good thing. He’s demanding, whiny, and when you don’t heed his "advice," he gets mad. #HowMature 

The Clingy One
He keeps sending you messages every dayfrom iMessage, to Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, you name it. Whenever your phone lights up, it’s either your network provider telling you your unli promo is over or him talking about the same topic he brought up three days ago. The deal breaker? You two aren’t even together yet. 

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The Rebound
This guy just got out of a relationship and he’s already dating? That’s already a red flag. If your aim in dating is to find your lifetime partner, steer clear of being a rebound because you deserve better.

This story originally appeared on Femalenetwork.com. 

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