8 Unhygienic Things Guys Do That Turn You Off

These totally kill the moment.

1. Guys use their shirt to wipe off stains.

Sometimes they try too hard to act like gentlemen and then they start doing something stupid. Like if there's dirt on the table, on your bag, or wherever, they don't ask for tissue or patiently wait for one. They instead use their shirt, and that's just nasty.

2. Talking with their mouths full.

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It just looks so damn gross and unappealing when someone tries to blabber with his mouth full. What more, you can hardly understand what he's trying to say!

3. Not brushing their teeth.

What's the point of him being early for your date when you can still smell what he had for breakfast?

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4. Having really long nails.

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Long nails aren't sexy or fun, especially during foreplay when they scrape against your privates. Game over if the nails are dirty.

5. Not trimming the beard.

Beards can have bacteria that are also found in toilets!

6. Peeing anywhere.

If a guy can wait, he should wait.

7. Not showering.

There are better ways to conserve water. Guys who attract flies won't attract anyone.

8. Not flushing.

That moment you're psyched to be in his place but he ruins it by forgetting to flush. In no universe is the sight of floating poop arousing.

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