8 Sexy Ways To Bring Down The House

Spice things up by getting down and dirty in every corner of your home. Master these tricks and you'll never look at your furniture the same way again!

Think of your home as a pleasure playpen, where you can have a whole lot of naked fun. These passion poses were designed specifically to turn boring areas into lusty hot spots (well, hello, kitchen counter).

We frequently hear from experts that the key to hot sex is continually being bolder and trying new things. One of the best ways to do that is to reconsider where you get it on. Because once you start seeing random “innocent” spots around your pad as potential lust locales, you start to experiment more and push the erotic envelope.

Of course, that’s not to say you can’t still heat things up in bed— in fact, one of our moves maximizes the mattress to great pleasure heights—but you should push to be creative when it comes to getting your naughty thrills. “Experimenting in different rooms makes things more fun because it adds an ‘Oooh, we haven’t done it here’ feeling,” says Patricia Taylor, PhD, author of Expanded Orgasm. “Plus, having sex in different spaces and on different surfaces allows you to discover fresh things that feel amazing.” We present eight location-specific passion positions garnered from the pros. Welcome to home sexy home.

1. The Naked Chef

How to do it: Lie face-up on the kitchen counter with your hips scooted to the very edge, holding on to his forearm. Stick your legs straight up in the air so they’re at a 90-degree angle with your torso. Have your guy stand in front of you and enter you while grabbing your ankles. As he thrusts, he can crisscross your legs back and forth.

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Why it's hot: First, your legs are crossed, making you tighter—which creates more feel-good friction for him and causes your upper thighs to put pressure against your clitoris. Also, your legs are wide open, allowing him to get deep. “This lets his penis brush against your cervix—an often ignored erogenous zone,” says Taylor. “There are nerves there that, when touched, can electrify sex.” (Be warned, though: This is a super-sensitive area, so if he gets carried away with thrusting, you may want to scissor your legs to pull him back out a bit.) Finally, this position gives him a great view of your breasts, so play that up by touching your nipples or arching your back and sticking out your boobs even farther.

2. The Dirty Girl

How to do it: Sit on the washing machine, and turn it on so it vibrates. Have your man stand facing you and enter you. Put your legs over his shoulders.

Why it's hot: This is ideal for quick passion buildup. The reason: It combines the novelty of using a household appliance for something naughty and the experience of a bunch of different sensations at once, says Susan Crain Bakos, author of The Sex Bible. The thrill of it will jump-start both of your arousals, and those vibrations make for an intense route to the finish line. [nextpage]

3. The Cosmo Couch Bend

How to do it: Bend over the arm of the couch, and lean your elbows onto the cushion so your head slopes downward. Then, have him enter you from behind.

Why it's hot: Your booty is elevated, which allows him to thrust in a downward motion. It’s hard to get this angle in other positions, so it will feel new for him. Even better, it will allow him to hit multiple feel good spots on you. “As he thrusts, he’ll rub your clitoris from the inside,” says Kerner. “He’ll also have access to your G-spot.” Translation: It allows you to have a really deep blended orgasm.

4. The Stairway Sizzler

How to do it: Kneel in front of your partner at the landing of a staircase so that you’re a stair or two above him. Both of you should be facing the stairs. Place your hands on a higher stair for support, and have him hold your hips while he penetrates you. Lean into the stairs to let him go even deeper.

Why it's hot: Since this erotic pose forces him to enter you at an upward angle, “he’ll be in a prime position to hit your G-spot with the tip of his penis,” says sex educator Sadie Allison, author of Ride ’Em Cowgirl. “Every time he thrusts upward, he’ll rub against it, making the sex more intense for you.” And because it lets him get nice and deep, he can fit more of his shaft inside you, which feels awesome for him.

5. The Hot, Hot, Hot Seat

How to do it: Have your man slouch down in a chair, with his legs spread slightly. Face him and straddle his lap, with your knees bent and feet braced over his shoulders against the back of the chair. You can then lean back and brace your hands on the floor for support.

Why it's hot: The X-rated visual—stretching from your breasts to your V zone—will seriously wow him. “And since you’re so exposed, he’ll be able to stroke you everywhere,” says Taylor. “So, he can start at your nipples and move down and rub your clitoris as you get closer to orgasm.” Between that and the slow rocking motion you’re making, you’ll get a steady buildup of sensations before you hit that big O. [nextpage]

6. Heaven's Door

How to do it: Standing-up sex can be a tough one—balancing makes things awkward. But if you do it in a door frame, you can overcome that issue and have really hot, gotta-have-you-now action. Facing each other, have your man lean his back against one side of the doorway, bend his knees to lower himself slightly so he can enter you, and then slowly rise. Lean back slightly so his pelvic bone presses against your clitoris during each thrust. Then, hook one leg around his butt or one of his legs, allowing him to go as deeply inside you as possible. He can brace his other leg against the other side of the doorway for leverage as he thrusts. If you can reach, hold on to the top of the door frame for more support.

Why it's hot: There’s something primal and wild about standing-up sex. “It makes you both feel like you couldn’t even wait to make it into the room—you had to have each other immediately,” says Allison. “And since a lot of what women need to orgasm is mental, feeling so wanted makes it even more likely that you’ll climax.” It isn’t all in your mind though. With your leg around him and his pelvis rubbing against your clitoris with every move, he can tease you and draw out sex for as long as possible by alternating between quick thrusts and a slower grind. And it’s ahhhmazing for him, too: Your leg around him pulls him in deep, keeping his entire shaft stimulated.

7. Tub Taboo

How to do it: Run a warm bath, and have him recline in the tub. Climb on top so you are facing him. When you have him inside you, he should sit up. Wrap your legs around each other, and hold on to each other’s knees. Then, sway back and forth. The water will keep you afloat, so you won’t tip over.

Why it's hot: Here’s a passionate pose that’s all about intimacy. The warm water relaxes you both and makes you feel sexy. “And since the tub is a confined space, it forces you to get extra close,” says Ian Kerner, PhD, author of She Comes First. “Between the water caressing you and your bodies rubbing up against each other, you’re getting full-body stimulation, making for a more pleasurable experience all around.” On top of that, the rocking motion is more subtle than thrusting and provides a longer, slower buildup, which not only helps him last, but also generates a much-anticipated big bang at the end. One catch: Water can wash away your natural lubrication, so you may need to use silicone-based lube (it’s the only stuff H20 won’t rinse off) to keep things smooth.

8. The New Bed Boogie

How to do it: This one’s best on a bed because you’re facedown, so you’ll want something soft to cushion your body. Lie on your stomach, with your legs spread open about six inches. Have your guy stretch his body over yours, resting his elbows on either side of you, and position his legs outside yours. As he enters you, close your legs, so your thighs touch.

Why it's hot: First, you get total body contact because he’s lying on top and rubbing against you. “But, the clincher with this position is the amount of friction your closed legs create,” says Kerner. “It really allows you to feel the full girth of his penis as he enters the first few inches of your vagina, which is where most of your nerves are. At the same time, the tight fit lets him feel more of you, which will make his climax stronger.”

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