8 Ways To Deal With Your Boyfriend When You're Fighting

Never go to bed angry.

1. Laugh it off.
If the cause for contention is something as shallow as him not noticing your new haircut, or you caught him checking out another girl’s IG account, don’t let it snowball into deeper territory. Couple fights usually start with nothing and escalate into hurtful digs. If you guys can brush it off with a joke or two, then there’s no harm in forgiving through laughter. It is, after all, the best medicine.

2. Stand your ground.
Often, one-half of the relationship will fold his/her case during an argument in an effort to wrap things up. This can be a good thing, but if you feel that you’re not in the wrong and actually have a decent point to make, don’t throw in the towel just so you can brush things under the rug. You’ll only end up resenting your partner as ill will eats away at you from the inside.

3. Give each other breathing room.
Vitriolic statements may permeate in the heat of the moment. If either one of you wants to step out for some air, go for it! Clearing your head will allow anger to dissipate and logic to come to the forefront.

4. Zoom out.
Put yourself in his shoes and ask him to do the same. We often lose track of what’s important when we’re distracted by extreme emotions. Look at the bigger picture.

5. Approach everything with kindness.
If you’re capable of being mad in a nice way (if that’s even possible), then opt for that line of attack. Kill your boyfriend with kindness and you guys are sure to kiss and makeup when all is said and done.

6. Allow each other ample time to talk.
Simply put: Don’t butt in and cut your boyfriend off when he is stating his opinion, pouring his emotions, or even apologizing. Don’t allow him to shut you up mid-sentence either.

7. Don't sleep until the bickering is done.
Or suffer the consequences of nightmarish tossing and turning in bed, and waking up dreading that Round 2 of your verbal match will commence even before breakfast. 

8. Leave the past in the past.
Should you and your BF get into a fight again, don’t rehash buried issues of yore. You’ve quarreled over those things before, and resurrecting harbored guilt and hostility will only do more damage than good.

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