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More Than 5 Kinds Of Orgasms Exist!

So O-some!

1. Clit orgasm.

Your clit is highly sensitive with thousands of nerve endings there. That's why it's the go-to place for you and your sex partner! Just don't be rough on it since you'll hurt yourself.

2. G-spot orgasm.

The G-spot is so elusive most people say it doesn't exist. But you can find it: It's 2 inches inside your vagina on the topside of the vagina wall. That means if you're having sex with your guy, he shouldn't be going all the way in. (Makes you wonder what's the fuss with long penises, right?)

3. Clit & G-spot orgasms.

They're also known as "blended orgasms." If a clit orgasm is awesome and a G-spot orgasm is O-some, imagine having both at the same time! Okay, you might not get to imagine how good a blended orgasm feels, so why not explore and find out yourself?

4. Multiple orgasms.

This is getting the O over and over again, one right after another. You can totally get this if you can handle being stimulated continuously. (And if your partner doesn't lose the rhythm you love, of course.)

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5. Breast or nipple orgasms.

Stimulation of your nipple is said to be able to activate an area of your brain, the genital sensory cortex, that also gets activated when your clit and vagina are being stimulated.

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6. Butt orgasms.

Your rectal opening has sensitive nerve endings that can give you an orgasm when it's rubbed gently or when the tip of objects are inserted in it.

7. U-spot orgasms.

Your urethra/pee hole also has nerves that can be stimulated, and you can orgasm here provided there's just gentle touching or licking. (It's sensitive, too!)

8. Zone orgasms.

You can experience great, deep pleasure when a non-erogenous zone is being stimulated, like your foot, your inner thigh, your neck, or your ear. You can get lost in those sensations.

9. Mental orgasms.

Apparently, some people can think their way into getting an orgasm. Like Lady Gaga, for example. In fiction we have Sally of When Harry Met Sally and Monica in Friends. Women who've had it say they just fantasize and do breathing exercises or pelvic floor exercises. You just have to focus on the pleasure, and nothing else!

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