9 Misconceptions About Single Women

'They hate men.' Ano raw?

Some think that single people are lonely beings who don't have any fun compared to others who are in a relationship, but in reality, they’re probably just too busy enjoying life independently. Here are some of the wrong notions people have of single ladies. 

1. She doesn’t have any suitors. How would you know? And even if she doesn’t have any, it’s not much of a loss–there’s plenty of time to meet guys.

2. She hooks up with everyone. Seriously? 

3. She needs a little help in dating. "Hija, you should meet my amiga’s son! He’s so gwapo and he’s studying medicine sa States–he’s visiting next week."

4. She hates men. How could you even justify that?  

5. She’s an abanger. Just because she’s single doesn't mean she’s waiting for a guy who’s already in a committed relationship. 

6. She has high standards. Even if she does have high standards, it’s only right to be choosy about your partner!

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7. She’s bitter because of the past. Time heals all wounds. If she’s single now because of a terrible past, it’s really up to her (and not you) if she wants to open her heart to someone else again.

8. She’s lonely. FYI: A woman does not need a man to be happy. 

9. She’s afraid of commitment. Or she’s just taking her time to enjoy things on her own before sharing her life with her future significant other. 

This story originally appeared on Femalenetwork.com.

* Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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