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9 Reasons Guys Love Dating Quirky Girls

Everyone needs someone a little strange.

I'll just be straight: No one wants to date someone with the personality traits of a sandwich. Dating is really about finding someone who is just as weird as you and weird in the same ways, so you can become a weird duo that annoys everyone else on earth with your weird love. Quirky people might be a little socially awkward, and maybe the first time you introduced them to your parents, things didn't go so well, but they always win everyone over with their wacky uniqueness. Here's why quirky girls are the greatest.

1. They're always surprising you. 
Everyday you learn something new about them, like the summer they spent abroad in an Italian lumberyard where they learned to whittle.

2. They turn you on to new things.
They can take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to new foods, hobbies, and books, or even weird, avant garde plays you didn't really want to go to but the experience was interesting anyway.


3. Their weird habits are actually super adorable. 
So maybe they need to shower twice a day or compulsively eat a Kit Kat in the morning, but it's kind of cute how bashful they get about it.

4. They give the best presents. 
Somehow they always know just what to get you.

5. You're constantly going on adventures. 
You've gotten lost trying to find this organic farmers' market in Tagaytay they have to visit or biking to some crazy-beautiful picnic spot in Laguna.

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6. Your conversations are never boring.
They always have a unique viewpoint on things as basic as morning coffee and as complex as foreign policy. You could talk for hours.

7. They don't take themselves too seriously. 
And they can always make you laugh even when you're fighting about something stupid. Especially when you're fighting about something stupid.


8. They're incredibly passionate. 
Whatever they throw themselves into, they do it 100 percent, whether it's volunteering at an animal shelter or making some kind of weird organic pie that winds up tasting really good somehow.

9. They're sexy. 
Sexy in that "I don't really care but I will ensnare you in my web of charismatic oddness and bang your brains out" kind of way.

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