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9 Reasons Why Single Moms Are Awesome

They're naturally independent.

1. They’re naturally independent. Since their baby-daddy is MIA, they have to work, raise a kid, and find personal time for themselves. They don’t need a sugar daddy to take care of them. They can do it all on their own!

2. Problems don’t easily faze them. She’s learned to roll with the punches.

3. They’re experts at multitasking. Feeding the baby while sending an important work email? Easy peasy! Cooking up an amazing dish while simultaneously cleaning the house? Done! Keeping fit and fabulous even when she’s feeling stressed AF? In the bag!

4. When it comes to a relationship, they know what they want. Since she has another life to look out for, she doesn’t just let anyone into her life unless he fits the bill. They know who’s special and they’re willing to wait for him.
5. She always gets the job done. You can count on a single mom to put in the hard work when it comes to any task or duty. Chasing around a five-year-old can be pretty great training.
6. Her purse is a one-stop shop for everything. If you need hand sanitizer, baby wipes, or maybe a pocket book to read, rest assured, she’s got it with her.

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7. Clinginess is never an issue. They know their boundaries. See #1.

8. The virtue of selflessness is something they practice. When you’ve birthed a child into this world, you’ll give anything and everything, plus do what is necessary to nurture your kid. This extends to their other relationships, too!

9. They know how to love unconditionally. Nowadays, finding a genuine individual is difficult. Single moms, however, are the kind of women who devote their time, effort, and emotions that they sometimes forget about themselves. They are true heroes.