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9 Reasons Why Tattooed Girls Are Awesome AF

They're badass.

1. Inked chicks are brave. It has been said many times that girls have a higher tolerance for pain, but heading to a tattoo shop and actually pushing through with it is more than admirable. All those needles and blood could cause even the huskiest of men to freak out!
2. They hold a high standard for permanence. The thing about tattoos is that they last forever­–unless you choose to undergo something as brutal as laser removal treatment after (it’s crazy painful!). Ladies with tats prove that they’re far from being wishy-washy or flimsy when it comes commitment because they can adhere to a design, a concept, or an idea that they’ll be wearing for life.
3. Tattooed girls wear their ink with pride. Although the notoriety of tattoos is slowly losing traction, getting the stink-eye from really old people and ultra-conservatives is still pretty common. They aren’t afraid of being judged because deep down they know that having ink doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s judging people for what they look like on the outside that does.
4. They’re badass. For some, the act of getting a tattoo is a declaration of their rock-and-roll outlook in life. A stamp of rebellion against what society deems normal and acceptable.

5. Creativity fuels their souls.
Part of the ink-experience is conceptualizing a design born from the individual’s own mind. Nowadays, girls have some of the most intricate and astonishing tats out there. A lot of thought and editing goes into that process before handing the responsibility over to the tattoo artist, which also proves that…

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6. They’ve got a genuine capacity to trust. The collaborative effort that goes into tattooing relies solely on the artist and his client. At a certain point, trust must be surrendered in order for an amazing tattoo to come about.
7. Tattoos are sexy. Forget what grandma and the rest of her amigas have to say!
8. They enjoy expressing themselves. Tattoos are a form of self-expression, an extension of the wearer’s personality. They say a lot about the individual who has them: their tastes, their personal aesthetic, and their interests.
9. They are perfect representations of the modern woman. Through their fearlessness, they’re constantly contributing to the reinvention of what it means to be beautiful.   

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