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9 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Fall In Love With Your Guy Best Friend


1. Girl, he’s the one you complain to! All those stories about failed dates, creepers on Instagram, and lousy sex you’ve been having will be rendered useless. Who are you going to bitch to now?

2. You’ll lose a really, really, REALLY awesome drinking buddy. Okay, so you might gain a romantic partner who wines, dines, and beds you like a princess, but you’ll lose that person who’ll indulge your company with two buckets of ice cold brew, nachos, and fun drunken nights.

3. He’s like a brother to you. Plus, your mom and dad are so used to him being around the house all the time that he’s practically immediate family. Unless you’re into incest…

4. His best buds think you have a penis. Not because you look like a man or anything, but because you’ve most certainly become one of the boys.

5. He knows all your secrets—even the dirty ones! Example: how you still love to wear your fave pair of baconized granny panties. #NoShame

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6. He can use your worst insecurities against you. That would make him the biggest asshole in the world, but when push comes to shove during an argument, you never know what dirty laundry he might throw at your face and vice-versa.

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7. In the same way, you know everything awful about him. This could be an advantage, but what will stop you from hurting him where you know it hurts when shit hits the fan?

8. The sex might will be awkward. Or it could be totally amazing. It could go either way, but are you really ready to see each other nekkid? If your answer is yes, you’ve probably been thinking about this ever since your friendship began, you sneaky CG!

9. You could possibly lose a very important friendship. If you’re both willing to sacrifice the foundation of your platonic bond in favor for romance, so be it. But be warned: once you go there, there’s no turning back.

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