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9 Signs He Wants To Break Up With You

Watch out for these red flags.

Do you feel something's off with your guy lately? Although you don't want to jump into conclusions, it pays to be preparedboth emotionally and psychologically. Here are nine ways to tell if he's planning or thinking about ending your relationship.

It takes him too long to reply or call back.

Although he's always on his phone when you're together, it takes him hours before he messages you back. And when he does reply or call you, he'll say that he's busy. When he does spare you a few minutes of his time, your conversations are short and not even sweet.

He suddenly becomes distant.

It's either he's always too busy or he stops making time for you. When you do get to spend some quality time with him, he seems off and uninterested.

You don't have intimate conversations anymore.

You used to have plenty of convos about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations, but now all you talk about are generic issues like the weather, the traffic, and current events. When you bring up your relationship, he changes the topic.

He starts fights for no reason.

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Pointless and never-ending bickering can lead to a breakup. If he initiates arguments out of the blue, he's probably looking for a reason to dump you or he wants you to dump him instead.

Your feelings are being disregarded.

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He's inconsiderate of how you feel. He never asks you what you like and when he does offend you, he brushes it off and tells you you're too sensitive. Sometimes, he doesn't even bother apologizing.

He stops talking about a future with you.

Whenever he talks about his plans, it's all about himinuman sessions with his barkada or an out-of-town trip to Palawan with the family. You're not in either picture.  

He starts to clean up his social media.

When you scroll through your albums, you notice that he's untagged himself from your photos. He has also changed his profile picture and removed his relationship status. 

You're no longer invited to the usual gatherings. 

Remember when you used to be his plus one? Now, you see him posting photos on his Facebook and Instagram without you.

He begins moving his things out of your place. 

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It can be something as simple as his Lord of the Rings DVDs or his shirt you used to sleep ineither way, if he starts removing his things from your place, it could mean that he's about to break it off sooner or later. 

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