9 Signs You’re Dating A Paasa Guy

Girl, iwan mo na 'yan. Promise.

1. He only replies to your Viber messages when it’s past midnight. And they’re mostly composed of “k” and “ayt.” Drop the phone, CG! He’s not even inspired enough to commence a booty call.

2. You already feel friendzoned even before anything has happened. If it looks like you're friends and feels like you're friends, then you are probably just friends. Move on and deal with it.

3. Your dates are so staggered. The second date comes months after the first date, and the third one took even longer than that. Sad truth: he’s most likely just practicing his skills on you for the girl he’s truly interested in. Sakit!

4. He hasn’t introduced you to his friends or family, even if you’ve been going out for quite some time. Come to think of it, you aren’t even friends with any of them on Facebook. That’s because he perceives your relationship as casual. If you’re in it for the long haul, it might be a good idea to bring this up with him.

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5. All his plans for the two of you are immediate. Not that you need to jump the gun and get married, but a little future talk never hurt anybody!

6. And when you do have planned dates, he’s never on time. Or worse, he doesn’t show up at all! "Oops, sorry, I got caught up with work! Raincheck?"

7. And the funny thing is, he’s always a no-show when it comes to special occasions and milestones that need to be celebrated. That just shows you his priorities.

8. He’s all words and no actions. He promises you great things, like beautiful vacations and romantic adventures. But somehow, you two never even get to spend enough time together.

9. He pisses you off on purpose. He’s pushing you away so that he doesn’t have to do the dirty work. A clear sign that he wants you to break up with him. So do yourself a favor, and just end things with him because he's clearly not worth your time and energy. ~*hair flip*~

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