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9 Struggles Only Girls With A Hotheaded Boyfriend Will Understand

He is pikon AF.

1. Dealing with his resting bitch face.
No amount of lambing will remove the pissed-off look on his face. The struggle is real because he looks mad ALL. THE. TIME.

2. He’s got zero chill.
The littlest things get him riled up, like when he accidentally spills his coffee on himself (which was his fault, anyway), or when the cashier at your fave fast food chain gets his order wrong. Next time, you should just carry a hefty dose of tranquilizers to chill him the fuck out.  

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3. Having to pacify his hotheadedness when dealing with annoying taxi drivers.
And waiters. And telephone operators. The list goes on and on and on…

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4. His constant cursing.
Fuck, shit, asshole, and bitch are part of his glorious vocabulary. Language!

5. He’s a dark cloud on social media.
Nega opinion about this! Nega opinion about that! When it comes to his status posts, he’s such a hater that even his own mom has unfollowed him. 

6. He holds a grudge longer than usual.
For him, being sorry just doesn’t cut it.

7. He’s always getting mad on your behalf.
Even if it’s your personal or professional problem to deal with, he feels like it’s his duty to get angry at whoever has slighted you. Although support is a good thing, taking it to the extreme can be quite unhealthy. You can deal with your own probs, CG!

8. He makes people uncomfortable.
His anger tends to make people cringe, or worse, avoid him at all cost.

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9. He’s pikon!
Hotheaded people tend to be sensitive, but not in a good way. For him, teasing can easily get out of hand. Take cover once that happens and learn to subdue him when he loses his cool.