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A Date Night Treat For Your Man

Spend some quality time with the boyfie at a relaxing spot that serves a hearty merienda.

Now that you and your boyfriend are past the courtship phase and you both lead active professional and social lives, it gets harder to schedule some time alone for just the two of you. That's why the modern woman created "Date Night," the one night a week meant for just you and your boo.

On those special days when you just want the whole world to slip away, you inevitably drag your boyfie to your favorite cozy teahouse where they have plush sofas galore perfect for cuddling. Unfortunately, they serve up dainty treats like French macaroons and cupcakes that aren't enough to fill the gaping hole that is your man's stomach.

This coming date night, why not surprise your man with a delicious merienda treat at your local tapas bar? The atmosphere at most cervecerias is very romantic with wooden floors and dark colors--all seemingly transplanted from one of the most romantic countries, Spain.

Try out Beso Cucina Vinoteka, a tapas bar located in the new foodie haven, Bonifacio High Street Central. Beso recently came out with their new merienda snack: a massive chorizo burger unlike any chorizo burger you've ever tasted.

Unlike the chorizo burgers of Boracay fame, this HUGE gourmet burger consists of a homemade chorizo patty made up of secret herbs and spices, topped with manchego cheese, caramelized onions, and sandwiched in between larger-than-normal pandesal. The burger is served with a side of homemade chips and aioli dip and a refreshing glass of Spanish clara, a light drink that is one part beer and one part lime soda. The clara is a traditional afternoon alcoholic beverage enjoyed during lunch in Spain--it's crisp and refreshing with a kick, and enjoying one or two glasses won't leave you intoxicated enough to skip out on work.

The burger is big enough to satisfy your growing boy's appetite, and if you're on a diet, Beso boasts a variety of small tapas that you can nibble on while your man devours his burger. If the clara isn't to your taste, Beso also offers several varieties of sangrias.

The merienda set (burger, chips, and clara) is priced at P300, while an a la carte order of the chorizo burger is P280 and the clara is P80 per glass.

Beso Cucina Vinoteka is located at the second floor of Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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