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A Fast Guide to Quickie Positions and Locations

Here, lusty locations for your carnal cravings beyond the bedroom.

What happens when you feel yourself getting horny in the most unlikely places? You can either wait until you and your man are in bed or you can help yourselves to some fast love. With your crazy schedules and your libidos high, learning how to have sex-on-the-go will come in handy.

Plus, fast love boosts your intimacy. In fact, Lisa Sussman, author of Redbook’s Love Your Sex Life!: The Busy Girl’s Guide to Getting Busy, enthuses, “There’s nothing so exhilarating as fast, frenzied sex—sex when you both have places to go, people to see, appointments to keep.” Here, Cosmo’s guide to speedy nooky sitches. 

 The Office Standout

According to a Cosmo web poll with more than a hundred respondents, 90% of women have had a sexual thought when they’re alone. And, in yet another online Cosmo poll, 27% of over 300 men surveyed admitted that having sex on office premises was on their minds.

If you’ve both been putting in too many hours at work, chances are you’re already feeling edgy from lack of sex. And, let’s face it, heavy workload or not, office sex is probably one of your headiest sexual fantasies. As Mae, 27, PR associate says, “It’s a secret sexual fantasy of mine to get all heated up during overtime with the office hottie.”

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Standing-up sex is the best position for the office quickie. Lou Paget, a sex educator who has been doing sexuality research for the past 15 years and author of How to be a Great Lover, says as much. “This position,” she explains, “is excellent for hot and urgent sex. It can be done without the complete removal of clothes—a plus when you’re both in a hurry—and requires very little space to do it in. For the sake of balance, this position is best done with the woman standing against the wall and the man standing in front of her.”

Once you’re in place, put your arms around your guy’s neck and have him lift you by holding onto your thighs or locking his hands beneath your butt. Wrap both your legs around his hips and get to work. Be sure not to do your thing in cliché spots such as the ladies’ room or you’ll have nosy officemates walking in on you. Better if you “get to work” when almost everyone has gone home.

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The Elevator Dare

If you’re going to engage in premeditated elevator sex, the first step is to make an authentic-looking Out of Order sign. The standing sex position will once again come in handy. “Evidently it has also been done more than once this way in an elevator, because standing-up sex is often referred to as ‘elevator banging,'" Paget discloses.

Your back should be against one of the elevator’s side walls. Pick the spot closest to the control buttons. Keep your hand on the Stop button. Stand on one leg and hook your other leg around your guy’s hip. Have him hold onto your suspended leg to help support you. To spice things up, ask him to likewise keep one of his hands on the Stop button. Tell him that whoever manages to keep his or her hand on the Stop button as he thrusts into you gets to come first. The two of you may not be able to move around much but the dare will definitely make him go absolutely nuts.

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The Happy Ending

Catch the last full show of the least-watched movie at the cinema. Go for cerebral or little-known flicks. Pick a corner seat in the topmost or end row. Obviously, the sitting sex position is your only option for this move.

Have your guy pull his pants down to his upper thigh before you hike up your skirt or take down your own pants and sit on his lap. It is best to have him primed for entry before you do so. You can be, as Paget suggests, “straddling him, facing away while seated on his lap, or facing sideways in his lap.” “This position,” she adds, “helps increase a woman’s tightness. There is a sharper angle for entry, hence a tighter space.” 

Once you’re on your guy’s lap and he’s all the way in, start your slow up-down bounce. Your guy can also hold your hips so he can set the pace. Hold on to the arms of the chair to keep yourself steady as you work towards giving each a happy ending. 

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