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A Guy's Body: Mapped

Take note of these sweet spots!

It’s a common misconception that during intercourse dudes just want their gals to go straight for the penis and nothing more. Although there’s nothing wrong with that (and he won’t be complaining should you do), there are other parts of his anatomy that crave some much-needed attention.

To help you girls navigate your man’s body, we asked 10 real guys about the parts (sans their schlongs, of course) that they enjoy being titillated during foreplay or while doing the deed.

Welcome to the body party! It’s time to check your inhibitions at the door, because only the willing and open-minded are invited for a night of unabashed bodily pleasure.

1. EARS: Not just for listening

“Licking and kissing your guy’s ears will get his motor running for sure because it’s an unusual spot. The kiliti factor is also a point to take into consideration. Most people think it’s only girls who like attention to their ears, but men enjoy some tongue action in that area, too!” -Mikey A., 24, writer

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2. NECK: Vulnerability personified

“The neck is a sensitive area. It’s this vulnerability that makes it perfect for foreplay. I especially enjoy it when my woman’s hair suddenly brushes against my nape while we’re in action. It’s a tingling rush that I can’t get over.” -Laurence, 27, video specialist

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3. HAIR PULLING: Titillating!

“The pain experienced from a good tug mid-sex is not for everyone. But when my girl rubs my scalp and then suddenly pulls my hair back as I’m about to come, I can’t help but let out a moan so loud as to let her know that what she’s doing is getting me off.” -JM, 27, advertising executive

4. THE NIPPLES: Push those buttons

“Just like women, guys like to have their bodies kissed and caressed. And the nipples being highly sensitive to touch are ripe for stimulation. Kiss them. Linger there for a bit. Even bite them softly. Any part of the body that brings us sensation, we're in." -Miguel, 26, web editor

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5. INNER THIGH: Neither here nor there

“The inner-thigh, same as for women, is a secret pathway to pleasure. Playing around that area give us men that 'almost there' feeling. It’s the teasing and cajoling of his nether regions with your tongue and lips that will guarantee his head explodes.” -Daniel, 28, web editor

6. SHOULDERS: So manly!

“When a girl stares at a guy’s shoulders and then compliments how broad or strong it feels, she gives her man that ego boost to keep things going during sex. If a girl wants her guy to take the lead or be more aggressive, the shoulders are the first area that needs to be complimented. And also, a little scratch or bite on the shoulders would definitely make temperatures rise to the boiling point.” -Dave, 32, marketing officer

7. FEET: Worship them

“A relaxing foot rub is a no-fail way to get us in the mood for more. If sucking on our toes is an option, we’ll take it! Be warned, we aren’t as hygienic as you women are down there.” -Quincy, 24, real estate agent

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8. NAVEL: Torso turn on

“When my girlfriend scratches on my torso and blows around my bellybutton area before giving me head, it never ceases to send chills of the good kind down my spine. Even if I’m a fan of going straight for the oral, it’s always a pleasure when she takes the time to seduce me in an unusual manner. I also like it when she grabs my stomach as she’s going down on me. Something about pressure on the tummy as I’m about to climax makes the experience more tantalizing.” -Christian, 29, professor

9. BOOTY: Thrust machine

“For starters, the ass is what your girl should be grabbing when she wants her man to thrust deeper during missionary. Cupping his buttocks as he maneuvers himself inside of you will signal him into thinking you want him to go deeper. And when you do, he’s sure to make it worth your while.” -Richard, 34, DJ

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10. BALLS: Dribble them

“Girls should pay more attention to their man’s testicles during sex. When they play with them as much as they do the penis during foreplay, it blows our minds. I think it’s because the sac is very sensitive. Plus, we tend to return the favor if you go all out. Make us feel good and next thing you know, we’re making you feel even better! Plus, it will make us orgasm harder.” -Neil, 27, financial analyst

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