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A Mother And Son Say They're In Love And Plan To Get Married

They describe their sex life as "incredible."

Kim West, now 51, was forced to give up her son for adoption just one week after he was born. 

More than 30 years later, Kim has been reunited with her son. They now say they're in love, want to get married, and plan to have a child together. 

The relationship began in 2013, when Ben Ford, now 32, tracked down his biological mother's address and sent her a letter out of the blue. They began to communicate by letter and phone, and they eventually met. It was at this meeting that the attraction became clear, with Ben and Kim exclusively telling the New Day they felt like they'd "known each other for years."

Kim became aware that her feelings were beyond that of a typical mother and son when she began having "sexy dreams" about Ben. She was confused. But after reading an article online about GSA (genetic sexual attraction, which occurs when relatives first meet as adults), she felt reassured that others had experience similar feelings. 

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And so Ben and Kim met at a hotel, where they had drinks and shared their first kiss. The mother and son went on to have what Kim describes as "incredible and mind-blowing sex" multiple times. 

Three days after that meeting, Ben broke off his relationship with his wife so that he could be in a romantic relationship with his mother.

Kim explained to the New Day: "This is not incest, it is GSA. We are like peas in a pod and meant to be together. It's a once in a lifetime chance and something Ben and I are not willing to walk away from."

She says that while she understands that many will find her relationship with Ben "disgusting," she's been "hit by a love so consuming" and is unwilling to give it up. 

Ben says that from the moment they met, he was unable to think of Kim as his mum, "but instead as a sexual being."

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The couple are now getting support from another couple experiencing GSA. Kim and Ben now hope to get married and start their own family.


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