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Adorable "How I Met My SO" Stories That'll Restore Your Faith In Love

You CAN find love in a hopeless place.

All Bets Are Off

We were classmates all our life, but on the first day of class in third year high school, he saw that I lost a little weight and ditched my glasses, so he got a little flirty. (Cliché, I know.) Egged on by his friends, he accepted a bet that he could make me—the newly-pretty girl—fall in love with him. I almost did, but then a well-meaning friend told me about the bet, so to get back at him, I strung him along and made him fall in love with me hard. And when he did, I played with his feelings: I put lipstick on him, asked him to tie my shoelaces for me, embarrassed him every chance I could. When I finally confronted him, he fessed up and said he only did it because he wanted to downplay how badly he wanted to be with me. I didn’t really forgive him, so I played with him some more, all through college, and even after. What can I say? I have major kimkim issues. 7 years later, when I finally believed he was serious about me, I married him. –Tiffany, 30

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Love in the Club

I was dancing so hard in a club, an earring fell off. I was scrambling in the dark to look for it when this guy approached and offered to help. He was in the middle of shining his phone’s flashlight when his barkada got into a brawl—and he chose to ignore them so we could continue on our treasure hunt! I was so thankful I gave him my number. We progressed from textmates to party buddies, and before we knew it, love happened. We don’t have a specific date for our anniversary, because we don’t remember the day we met, so we celebrate the whole month of June instead! Six years later, we’re still having a party together. –Kirsti, 27

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Surfing for Love

We were introduced in San Juan, La Union during a surf competition, where I performed and he took the photos. He saw me and wanted to be introduced, but he had to take care of a drunk friend, so we didn’t get to talk. A few months later, I saw a few photos of me at the competition on Facebook, and commented on it. He jumped at the chance to strike a conversation—and then proceeded to send me all the other photos he took of me that night! I was so creeped out because, obviously, he was stalking me. The stalker and I now have a cute baby together.—Djong, 31

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Top of the world

I was depressed about the end of a long-term relationship, but even I got tired of my self-imposed isolation. So when a friend invited me to a small gathering at his apartment, I said yes. At the party, this guy I saw around campus and I started talking, and we eventually became really good friends. Just before school break, he invited me to come with him to Taiwan, where he’s from. It was a fun idea so I said okay. He took me around his hometown and I got to meet his friends and family. I thought I was already having the time of my life until he decided to ask me to go with him to Taipei 101 (the fourth highest skyscraper in the world). When we got to the observation deck, he took me next to a big window with the view of Taipei and said, “I hope you don’t forget my country. Please be my girlfriend.” From my little prison cell of a room, this guy literally took me to the top of the world, so I said yes. We’ve been together for five years. –Joan, 28

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Schooled on love

I actually didn't meet Matthew the first time he saw me. I was working for a school his family owned. He was visiting his aunts and he saw me fluttering about. He then made it a point to join the school's Christmas/New Year's party to investigate further. At the party, his uncle insisted that we sit—and aahhhh, sing a karaoke duet—together. The songs: "Take Me Home Country Road" and "Zombie!" After that, he asked to add me on Facebook. He took a whole day to do that. —Giselle, 26

New year, new love

I broke up with a longterm boyfriend a few hours before New Year’s Eve, hauled my ass to Ayala’s New Year street party to drive away the BV, and promptly saw a cute guy in the crowd. My friends and I invited him and his friends to hang with us (Depression can make you a little bit braver), and cute boy and I spent the night just talking about life. We parted ways at five in the morning. A few hours later he rang my phone and asked me out on a date. We just got engaged a few weeks ago after nine years of dating. Lesson: Not all rebound guys are in-between guys. –NJ, 31

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