14 Problems All Girls With An Almost Boyfriend Understand

Technically, he's not YOUR man. But he's your man.
PHOTO: Tamara Schlesinger

Because relationships are complicated, sometimes you wind up in a treacherous situation of having a boyfriend who's not really your boyfriend, or, as I like to say, an almost boyfriend. This presents a lot of problems, most of all, it's that having a man who's not really your man (but, then again, he really is your man) doesn't come with the same terms as ~exclusive~ dating. If you've ever found yourself in one of these tricky situations, you know these 14 things to be true.

1. Sometimes you come across some shady shit online but can't really rationalize getting outwardly mad, so you just pout.

2. Basically, looking at any of his interactions online fills you with an incomparable rage because he's always flirting, but, since he's not your boyfriend, you do nothing.

3. Or you see someone flirting with your demi-bae but can't really act out, but, then again, maybe you could?

4. And you'd like to call this dude out, but you check yourself because technically... he's not your man.

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5. So you just walk around, silently raging, as you watch other girls flirt with a guy who's basically your man but isn't your man (but, also, he is your man).

6. You want to act out and say something but know it would be unwise, so you just glare into space and quietly hope for laser beams or violent flames to shoot forth from your pupils.

7. And then, you eventually realize holding in all this jealousy is low-key making you feel like you're losing your mind.

8. You start to wonder if you're staying quiet because you don't feel it's your place to say anything or don't want to come across as "crazy," even though you know it's B.S. when people call you crazy.

9. Come to think of it, there's a lot about this sort of-relationship that makes you mad, and yet you act like it's fine.

10. You also realize he's getting away with a lot of tomfoolery because he can always be like, "But I'm not your man," even though he really is your man.

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11. You definitely feel like he's purposefully treating you like you're dumb because of this "not technically your boyfriend" loophole.

12. And sometimes all this insanity keeps you up at night because wouldn't things be easier if he just grew up and decided to be your boyfriend?

13. You try to complain about this "boyfriend" to your friends, but they're sick of hearing it and you're sick of being reminded he's not exactly your man.

14. And, despite all of this, you stick with it because technically speaking: not your man, not your problem.

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