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Are You Ready To Date Again?

Getting back into the dating game after a long-term relationship can be scary.

Because you got used to being in the company of your now ex-boyfriend, it's understandably hard to open yourself up to new people, to leave your comfort zone, and to entrust and invest your feelings again. But sooner or later you have to get with the program—the chase, the high, the happiness, or even the sad ending again. 

The question is, has that moment arrived? These signs should let you know you're back in the market once again.

1. You’re clear of emotional baggage.

You no longer cringe when your hear your ex's name or resort to violence when you spot him at your favorite restaurant. You've forgiven him, and you don’t have ill feelings toward him anymore. More importantly, you've forgiven yourself for taking yourself for granted or maybe for hurting the other person—the man has feelings, too!

2. You already know what you want.

No, this isn’t about having a checklist. It’s about valuing yourself and having standards. When you stop settling for the first guy in line just because you want to be in the arms of anyone, that's when you know you can handle yourself. That being said...

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3. You also know what you can give.

After healing from a breakup, enjoying the single life, and familiarizing yourself with the new you, you are more mature and more whole. You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, so you have an idea of what the other person can get from you. At this stage, you have also learned to love yourself.

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