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The 5 'Commitment Tests' Every Guy Must Go Through

The real climb is just about to begin after you guys become official.

So you and your guy are official! Finally. You're excited to see what's in store for the both of you in the long run, right? Here are "commitment tests" your guy needs to fulfill, and these are...

1. Buying you a pack of napkins.

You're on your period. Good news: You're not pregnant. Bad news: No sex for a week (if you're vanilla). Worse news: You forgot to bring a napkin with you while you're out on a date, so you need him to rush to the nearest drugstore or convenience store to buy you one.

He's got no real choice here. If blood goes through your pants because he was so stubborn, he won't be able to live through that.

If your guy tells you that he feels like everyone else will judge him when he grabs a pack of napkins from the shelf, tell him it's all in his head. There's nothing wrong with being the man you need during that time of the month. Plus points for him if he gets you some chocolates too. And a bag of potato chips. Maybe two.

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2. Wearing stuff he said he'd never ever wear.

Matching couple outfits? What if he used to mock them? They're not sooo bad, okay!

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3. Tagging along when you're shopping for underwear.

While he loves to see you in lingerie, shopping for it isn't sexy. He'll want to look at all the bras and panties and touch them, but he has to keep his eyes down and try not to be awkward (but face it, he will say something that'll make you feel uncomfortable). This is a test of maturity! LOL.

4. Watching rom-coms.

You like all the superhero movies he likes; it's why he had a crush on you in the first place.

But you have to admit to him that you are super into all those KathNiel, LizQuen, and JaDine movies. So you drag him into watching them with you, and he will begin to love these films slowly (ideally). What have you turned him into?!

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5. Meeting your BFF for the first time.

So you and your BFF have decided to meet up, and you invited your guy to tag along. You know there might be awkward moments because he and your BFF might not get along, but you do it anyway to see how he'll manage. It's important that your two favorite people are friends too!

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