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Awkward Moments That Happen On A First Date And How To Deal


1. The Awkward Silence


It's like a first date rite of passage. It is completely normal but awkward silence is still, well, awkward. You both could have just met, or you have met but this is your first time being alone together. You have this fear of saying the wrong thing and scare him off.

How to deal: Chances are, he's pretty nervous too and feels the exact same way that's why silence is coming from both ends. Don't overanalyze, act how you normally would around friends, and don't put up this fake image of how you want him to see you because facades can only last for so long. 

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2. Over-sharing

Another problem aside from not saying enough is probably saying too much. Before you could stop yourself, you blurt the first thing that comes to your mind without even thinking. 

How to deal: It's okay. If you do end up over-sharing, just bounce back. Stop yourself from going into detail about your past five hamsters and your borderline psychotic ex. Some things you should just save for the fourth or fifth date, or you know, never. 


3. Etiquette and Manners

Of course I still believe in chivalry—the whole opening-the-door thing and how when the clock strikes 12 and you leave your shoe, he must go all over town to return it to you and live happily ever after, but I do believe in women making gestures too. 

How to deal: Reach out for the bill. Carry your own bag. Don't make him wait 30 minutes while you touch up your makeup in the bathroom.

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4. The Set-up Situation

So your mutual friends think you guys would be soooo good together and you kind of owe them so you go anyway, even if it's against your will. However, when you actually get there, it's awkward and you don't know what to say.

How to deal: Don't think about the whole set-up situation so much. I mean, there must be a reason why your friends think you guys would be good together. Talk about mutual interests, hobbies, and how you totally hate your friends for doing this even when you're actually secretly thanking them for it. 

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5. So What Was Your Last Relationship Like?

The most cringe-worthy question to date—the answer you give is completely 50/50. If you say that it ended badly, he might think there's something wrong with you. If you say that it ended well, he might think you're lying and do some research behind your back.

How to deal: Be honest without giving unnecessary details. If it ended badly, then say that it wasn't the best relationship you could've been in but don't turn it into a ranting session about how awful your ex was. He doesn't need to know that your fight that happened on the 5th of May at exactly 7:42PM. If it ended well, then say that it was the best decision for  the both of you and that you guys were just headed in different directions.  Don't go bragging about how awesome your ex is either, it's going to make it seem like you're still hung up on him.


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