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7 Cute + Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas For Every Kind Of Bride

Everyone's guaranteed to have a lot of fun!
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The bride chose you as one of the members of her bride tribe because she trusts and loves you, and she wants you to have a front seat on her special day. But there's still one more party to be thrown before her wedding. 

Here are fun and fresh ideas to celebrate your friend or sister's right before she walks down the aisle.

If your bride loves staying in:

Throw her a slumber party! We're sure that she wants to spend as much time as she can with her #IDo crew before she's officially off the market.

Even though you guys are staying in, there are so many ways to make this night memorable: Serve naughty bachelorette cakes, play adult party games, get drunk on really good wine. And of course, slumber parties aren't complete without PJs, so this is the perfect opportunity to buy matching silk sets for your whole barkada.


Finding a venue shouldn't be a hassle because there are a ton of gorgeous Airbnbs in Manila that you can decorate in the cutest way possible. Having the whole place to yourselves also means that you could enjoy the night however you want to—you could even invite some surprise guests! ;)

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Does she love going out?

Give her one last memorable walwal as a single woman. 

Why limit the fun to just one place if you can do a pub crawl instead? Do your research and plan your itinerary based on which bars are perfect for that time of night.

For example, some bars have the best crowds at midnight. Fast food is a drunk girl's best friend, so don't forget to bring the bride to her favorite chain—it's the perfect nightcap!


For all the part-mermaid women out there:

Bring her to the beach for a bachelorette weekend! Who says bachelorette parties should be limited to just one night anyway? You could spend an entire weekend catching up with the whole crew.

One of the perks of living in a tropical country is having easy access to so many picturesque islands.


Look cute while having fun under the sun: Sport matching swimsuits and reserve a special color for the bride.

If your bride loves singing her heart out...

You won't go wrong with a karaoke party!

Before her bae actually ~puts a ring on it~, let your bride belt out every Beyonce song known to man. Karaoke is a foolproof way to have fun, and there are lots of places that you can rent out for the entire night. You can even prepare a surprise performance—just you and the rest of her bride tribe singing along to her favorite song. 

Brunch? Never a bad idea!

Organize a special outdoor brunch. There are numerous al fresco dining restaurants that serve the most scrumptious food, or you can opt to have everyone bring something and turn it into a potluck picnic.


Here's your chance to turn your barkada into a band of titas who brunch. Also, this is the best excuse to day drink and catch up on chichi. 

If your bride is super stressed out over all of the wedding planning:

Treat her to a grand pamper party! She'll appreciate every chance she gets to de-stress and breathe, and what better way to do that than to spend the day getting mani-pedis and massages? 

You can rent out a nail salon for a day; some places even have party packages. As for the massages, there are hotels that offer group massage packages. Or you can drive to destinations just outside of Manila to enjoy a relaxing spa retreat.


Does she love working up a sweat?

Arrange a special workout class! With all of the food tasting she's been doing lately, we're sure that she's been itching to squeeze in a workout. 

Most fitness centers would allow you to rent out their venues for special events; you just need to find your bride's favorite workout.


Instead of alcohol, you can serve green smoothies to keep everyone refreshed!

Aside from a private workout class, you can also bring the bride to the great outdoors. After months of checking out possible wedding and reception venues, she needs a change of scenery, for sure!