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Behavior That Will Get You The WRONG Kind Of Attention

From minor oops to major humiliation, here are nine wacky things that will get you noticed by men--in a bad way.

Bad behaviorYou want to mingle and not be a wallflower...but you really don't want to attract attention to yourself with any of these embarrassing acts, especially when you're trying to snag a date (in time for V-Day, perhaps?). Here are some examples of crazy behavior you should avoid at a party, bar, or club.

1. Dancing like nobody's watching--except every guy and girl is watching because you look like a crazed baboon that's on fire

2. Winning the drinking competition you'd been having with a bunch of frat guys, before losing the not-puking-all-over-the-floor competition that you had been having with your stomach

3. Saving up for a late-night snack by cramming as many mini quiches and spring rolls in a blanket as possible into your clutch

4. Doing a head stand while wearing a baby-doll dress...and no panties

5. Actually, just doing a head stand, period.

6. Bursting into tears any time a guy you're talking to excuses himself to go grab another drink

7. Screaming "Don't you touch my man!" at any girl who's touching any man

8. Walking out of the bathroom with your dress tucked into your panties

9. Flying into a homicidal rage when the bartender gives you a full-calorie beer instead of a light beer

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