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'Thermage For Your Vagina' Exists, And We Need To Talk About It

No one else can talk about sex like Cosmo, so let's get to it: There's a little-known procedure called Thermiva specifically made for women who've lost tightness in their vagina due to age or childbirth. Granted, this procedure isn't for twentysomething Cosmo Girls (You're supposed to get it after having three to four kids or when you're in your 40s), but hey, it's just SO INTERESTING.

We had a chat with Dr. Vicki Belo, the Medical Director of Belo Medical Group, about this libido-enhancing, vagina-firming procedure that's supposed to make sex more pleasurable. We were all ears, to say the least!

According to her, this non-surgical procedure involves tightening the vagina canal using heat (similar to Thermage), causing the vajayjay to have contractions. It also results in more lubrication, making intercourse more enjoyable for you (and your partner!).

If you're curious about this procedure, watch Dr. Belo's extensive explanation of Thermiva below. And JSYK, she calls this session "Everything You Wanted To Know About Great Sex But Didn't Know Whom To Ask!"

'Thermage For Your Vagina' Exists, And We Need To Talk About It

Thermiva costs P50,000 per session. You may book your consultation and appointment by calling Belo Medical Clinic at 8-819-2356.

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