How Likely Is Your Best Friend To Hook Up With Your Ex?

1/3 of friendships have ended over a friend hooking up with an ex, survey finds.
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Q: Would you ever hook up with your friend's ex? Would you be pissed if your friend tried to hook up or date one of your exes? Would you pull a "me" and set them up because you think you can handle it, only to discover you very much CANNOT, and then are forced to watch as your worst nightmare unfolds in front of you?

According to a new survey of 1,500 singles conducted by dating app Plenty of Fish, one-third of singles have had a friendship end because someone dated their ex.

When it comes to actually following the "rules," 77 percent of singles said they always or often followed them, 18 percent said they sometimes followed them, and only five percent of singles said they rarely or never followed them.

However, if your friend gives you their blessing, that's a different story. Seventy-seven percent of those surveyed said they'd seek approval first if they wanted to date a friend or family member's ex. So, odds are good that you'll get a chance to speak up before it happens.

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It also turns out that adherence to the rules varies by generation.

Percentage by Generation Against Dating a Friend's Ex

  • 78 percent of baby boomers (born between 1944–1964)
  • 73 percent of Gen X (born between 1965–1979)
  • 68 percent of Gen Y aka millennials (born between (1980–1994)
  • 66 percent of Gen Z (born between 1995–2000)

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, women also seem to generally honor the "rules" more than men. Sixty-three percent of women strongly agree that you should never hook up with a friend's ex, whereas only 33 percent of men had the same opinion. When it comes to dating a friend's ex, 65 percent of women surveyed thought that was a big no-no; only 33 percent of men said the same.

    For the rest of the survey, head over to Plenty of Fish's survey results.


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