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Cosmo Confessions: What Was The Best Sex You've Ever Had?

Of course, you remember it. ;)
Cosmo Confessions: People Share Their Best Sex Stories
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When was the last time you had *really* good sex? We're talking about a mind-blowing, toe-curling, knee-buckling, earth-shattering sweat sesh in bed. Hopefully, if you're sexually active, you have a lot of memories to choose from (because they're all equally satisfying). But even among those good sexcapades, surely there's *one* time that stands out from the rest. Or at least, one guy who really set the bar high. 

For our Cosmo Confessions, we asked Pinoys about their absolute best sex story. 


It was one hell of a ride

"Had sex in the car at a parking lot after me and my boyfriend got drunk. We were kissing passionately and he immediately unzipped his pants and took off my clothes. I sat on top of his hard shaft like we were the only ones in the parking lot until my boyfriend came inside of me. We were as horny as hell!"

 VL-worthy experience

"I took a leave from work to meet this Fil-Am friend of mine. We did everything with the curtains open in his condo in Makati. It had glass walls and overlooked the city. We tried so many positions. He can make me orgasm just by touching me, and I rode him to ecstacy as a thanks before I left. He'll be visiting again soon. I'm bent over and ready. ;)" -Kat

"The Bulldog"

"My best sex would have to be when I first tried a modified doggy-style [position] called The Bulldog, where I would squat as I enter [my girl] from behind (compared to kneeling in doggy). It was so good that I heard the loudest moan I have ever heard from her."


On Cloud Nine

"I was at my boyfriend's work because they had an event and I wanted to support him. I was a bit horny that time, then after their event, we went back to their office because he needed to get something. It was already late. Then, in his car, he said he wanted to eat my pussy. We had a sex in his car in his office's parking lot. I was really horny. It felt like Cloud Nine."

Not my usual type

"Went to Bali for the holidays last summer. On my last day, I met a German guy who wasn't really my type (physically). He got me with his humor, talent, and wit, though. I ended up hooking up with him. We made out (really wild) on the lawn of our hostel, had sex in the shared showers and in the dorm (which was against house rules, but still we did it). I know this sounds crazy, but I think I fell inlove with him after the first time. To this day, he is still my best sex ever. Unbeatable!" -Jesibean


He just knew

"I've only had three partners. For me, the best sex I had was with the third one. It wasn't wild, it was gentle. What I loved about it was that he made it sure I was also satisfied. He knew where and how to touch me and what to do—something I never felt with the other two because they were just satisfying themselves."

We got loud

"My best sex ever was with another girl. I was kinda tipsy, and we got really wild. Never thought I would actually enjoy having sex with the same sex (more than the opposite). It was pretty wild that the whole bed moved. We had to move out of the bed 'cause we were making so much noise, oops."

Mirror, mirror

"It happened on our second anniversary. We celebrated in Tagaytay. Our room was almost filled with mirrors. We could see ourselves enjoying every thrust and pound, which made us more horny! I even got multiple orgies in the first round."


Size mattered

"I've always said that size doesn't matter, but performance does. After a certain experience, though, I changed my mind. One of my flatmates became my fubu for a couple of months, and he also happened to be my crush (imagine my luck)! I would sneak in his room in the middle of the night with no one knowing, and we'd do it. He was, by far, the best sex I've ever had because he brought me to a whole new level of sexual awakening. He was the quiet and shy type with peers but freaky in the sheets. He was HUGE, and he knew how to use it."

*Answers have been edited for clarity.