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10 Ways Your Breakup Might Actually Be The Best Thing Ever

Not having to deal with his family again.
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Breaking up is hard to do, but let's be real, most often it's for the best. Over at Reddit people are sharing the best parts of breaking up, and it's damn near inspirational! As the classic 70s club anthem, "I Will Survive" dictates, you will survive, and maybe you'll be even better off without them. As another classic club anthem dictates, "Tell 'em, 'Boy, bye!'"

1. Dropping major poundage (and I'm not talking about your ex!). 

As one user shares, "Being too depressed to eat resulting in a sick revenge bod." Of course, you could also go the opposite way and eat your weight in Ben & Jerry's and that's cool too! Your new #husky body might be just what you need to snag that hot new mate.

2. Saving your hard-earned money. 

One Redditor writes, "I remember getting my first work paycheck after my last breakup and realizing how much money I had because I wasn't spending it all on lunches and dinners out and gas for the hour-long commute to see my SO. It was kinda great to able to treat my still-heartbroken self to a little retail therapy. (And still have money left over!!!)."

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3. Sleeping in the middle of the bed again! 

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AKA: Sweet dreams! However, one user issues a counterpoint, "I remember when I was single and slept in the middle of the bed. Did that for a long time and ended up bowl effect in the mattress. (Not a big guy, probably not a great mattress.) Not fun when you have someone over and you're at the sleepy time part and both keep rolling to the middle."

4. Good riddance to bad rubbish. 

If it's not a match, it's hard but it's also good to move on. As one Redditor puts it, "Being free of a relationship that clearly wasn't beneficial to you and focusing on yourself 100-percent."

5. Learning to love yourself again. 

As one user writes, "I'm 2 weeks out of a 6 year relationship and already and my sense of self has improved so much. Now that the shock is over I'm starting to love myself again for the first time in a very long time."

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6. Finding yourself again. 

This is a big one, as one Redditor shares: "Finding yourself again. Trust me, I know it sounds like some hippie-dippie shit but man, finding yourself again after a horrible relationship is amazing. The moment you realize you are a complete person on your own is the greatest feeling. Understanding that you are an awesome person who people love and will love and that people still find you amazing even though your ex berated you and called you ugly and gave you side eyes whenever you felt good looking is a sigh of relief."

7. Netflix all day erryday. 

Or, like, whatever the hell you want to do. As one Redditor writes, "Doing whatever the fuck you want all the time, obviously."

8. Not having to deal with their family again. 

Sometimes you miss your ex-partner's family, and sometimes it's a blessing. One user says, "No more awkward conversation with your mother while she judges me!" Fair enough!

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9. Flirting! 

Hoo boy... those first steps with a new person. Or many new people, as it were. One Redditor says, "The moment you start taking advantage of the single life. While in a relationship there's bound to be a moment where you see someone you're attracted to that's not your significant other, and that's fine and resisting the urges to act on it is the correct response.

But when you're single you're allowed to act on it. You can flirt, you can converse with anyone with the intentions being open ended, and you're a normal person for it.

I'm not trying to say relationships are a ball and chain, but it's certainly liberating after a relationship to just flirt and enjoy yourself as a single person."

10. Moving on. 

 This is truly the sweetest part, as one user shares: "The first kiss with someone else." Awww...

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