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This Woman Gave Her Boyfriend Flowers To Piss Off His Sexist Tito

One user on Reddit shared the most hilarious story!
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Admit it: You have toxic relatives who you dread seeing at family gatherings. It’s not that you despise them, it’s just that ayaw mo lang talaga sa mga unnecessary comments nila about your life. Kilala mo na who we're talking about: the tita who always points out that you've gained weight, the pinsan who seems to be envious of everything you have, and of course, the sexist tito who can’t seem to let go of gender roles. 

One anonymous woman shared a story on r/TwoXChromosomes—a subreddit where women are free to share their perspectives—about the time she and her boyfriend shut down his sexist uncle. 

She started it off by giving the readers a bit of background on the situation: She said that her boyfriend has a tito who’s a misogynist and is old-fashioned. Also, this uncle often berates her boyfriend for not engaging in behaviors that “fall into the realm of toxic masculinity,” and he often shuts his tito’s comments down or laughs them off. 

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According to her, this tito doesn’t like her—not even one bit. Her guess is it’s because she is five years older than her boyfriend, has a career, and doesn't “take any [bullshit] from the uncle.” She also recalled some of the toxic tito’s annoying comments in the past. Like the sweet guy that he is, her boyfriend cooks for her and when his uncle heard about this, he called his dad to tell him that his son “needs to start acting like a man.” Yikes, right?

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Well, she found the most hilarious way to clapback at his tito. During one family gathering, she was buying some stuff when she had an idea. She sent a text to her boyfriend, telling him that she would be bringing him flowers. To this, he replied, “Got it. Say no more.”

Later on, she walked into the living room where everyone—including the sexist tito—was sitting and loudly said to her BF, "Look honey, I got you pink roses. I know they're your favorite!" Tumayo yung S.O. niya, placed his hands on his face, and said in a matinis tone, “I love them! Thank you!”

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According to her, the uncle looked “as though everything inside him was rebooting and trying to make sense of what he saw.” Then, he looked at her boyfriend’s dad and said something along the lines of, “Do you see what’s going on here?” But her boyfriend’s dad apparently couldn’t reply because tawang tawa rin siya sa nangyari

And then, nagulat na lang sila kasi nag-walk out na yung toxic tito. LOL!

According to the thread, her boyfriend’s sister now refers to her as the “flower troll.” It’s also worth noting that both of them don't like flowers—they think it’s a waste of money—but seeing the look on the toxic tito’s face? Priceless. 

How about you? Would you have done the same thing? 


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