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Can You Still Use Expired Condoms Or Not?

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We know that when you're getting hot and heavy with someone, it's not exactly romantic or sexy to stop and check if you're condom's still good to go...but you definitely should because condoms have expiration dates for a reason. 

Most people think that as long as a condom doesn't have holes or any noticeable defects, it's still okay to use it. Unfortunately, materials used to make condoms degrade overtime, which makes them less flexible. That means that when you use an expired condom, the likelihood of it breaking is much greater. 

And when a condom breaks, not only could you get pregnant (if you're not using any other form of birth control), you could also contract a STI or STD. 

Deborah Arrindell, the VP of health policy for the American Sexual Health Association told Refinery 29 that "most latex and polyurethane condoms will have an expiration date of about five years past the manufacture date. And if you use non-latex natural condoms, like ones made out of sheepskin, keep in mind that they tend to have the shortest lifespan." 

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So what if you're in the middle of foreplay and you find an expired condom, should you just go on without wearing one? OBGYN Dr. Nerys Benfield advises, "Despite all the risks, both partners will benefit from using an expired condom versus no condom at all." (Or, you know, you could stay on the safe side and drive your horny ass to the nearest 7-11.)

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